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Unique Jewelry Findings, How to keep cheap jewelry from fading

//Unique jewelry findings, and how to keep cheap jewelry from fading.

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Wearing any of the affordable bijouterie listed below, you’ll certainly get compliments! However, a big problem when it comes to cheap and budget-friendly jewelry is that the colored layer usually wears off quickly. Ideally, you own quality jewelry like real gold, silver or sterling silver instead, because even though these treasures are a little more expensive, it’s going to last you for a lifetime compared to fake gold/silver.

And, if we give it some thoughts, the more expensive jewelry pieces is actually cheaper – imagine buying a pair of gold loops for $90 lasting you a lifetime, compared to buying a pair of cheap “gold” loops for $9, but you have to re-purchase them every month or so because they get flakey, in a period of 20 years this results in something around $2160.

That’s definitely something to think about.

How to keep cheap jewelry from fading

Unfortunately, few people can afford only to own high quality jewelry.

A great piece of advice to make your fake gold or silver last longer is something as simple as applying a thin layer of transparent nail polish. This protects your bling from getting ruined by water, oxidization, and other wear and tear. (Here are other creative ways to use transparent nail polish)

If your favourite jewelry is already broken, you can simply apply a thin layer of gold or silver colored nail polish, and then finish with a stroke of transparent.

Fun fact, you can also change the color of the gems (“diamonds”) with any nail polish color of your choice 🙂

Note: Don’t do this if you’re sensitive to nail polish (alternatively you can try an organic and non-toxic polish like these from Karma), and don’t apply on the part of an earring/stud that goes through your skin (a piercing). You can apply to the part of the piercing that doesn’t go through your skin if you have healed completely.

This is a GREAT life hack I wish I knew years ago.

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A picture from my latest nail polish-session. One of those cheap rings actually got a free trip in the washing machine by accident, and to my surprise the ring was just as gold-coated as before!

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-Said no one ever!

Unique Jewelry Findings:

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These comes in 18 different beautiful colors




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