Face shape guide & 30 timeless sunglasses: We’ve collected the coolest sunglasses of all times in different price ranges.

Although sunglasses is an accessory, their main function is of course to protect your eyes. 

Because of this, you should be a little picky about your choice of sunglasses. There’s generally a big difference between cheap and expensive glasses, of which the more high-cost glasses tend to give much better protection, in addition to being much more comfortable, and last forever (unless you lose them). You can certainly feel the difference.  

What kind of sunglasses suits your face shape? 

The shape of a pair of sunglasses (or regular glasses) is like a pair of eyebrows – they frame your face, and gives an illusion of a more defined, or different, face shape. 

Think of the glasses’ shape as a face shape – 

For instance, a pair of square glasses might make your face appear more square, and your jawline stronger. A pair of round glasses will make your face appear softer and rounder. 

Would you like a more defined face? Choose a square, rectangle, or diamond/cat-shaped frames (defined glasses). 

Would you prefer a less defined jawline? Use round or oval glasses. 

If you’re uncertain of what you’d like, or you’re buying a gift to someone else: most people are a good fit for round and oval glasses, and the “clubmaster” shape. 

A sunglass face shape guide:  

Do you know your face shape?

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(It can also be a mix between different shapes!)

Round face:

You look exceptionally great in rectangle glasses, like the first ones pictured below. You can also use squares, diamonds, and oval. Should be careful with round glasses, and very small glasses. 

Square face shape:

Soften your face-shape with a pair of round or oval glasses.

Oval face shape:

You look good in everything. Choose smaller glasses instead of big ones. 

Long face shape:

If you want to balance your face and make it appear shorter, go with wide frames. You should also choose bigger glasses over small ones. 

Diamond face shape:

If you’re bold, go for diamond/cat-shaped frames, they bring out your features. If you want to minimize your diamond face shape, choose round or oval glasses. 

Heart-shaped face:

Choose round or oval glasses with thin frames.


Did you know certain frame- and glass colors look better on you?


You look very good in especially black frames, or brown/dark brown glasses with a see-through frame of any color. You are lucky, you look good in most colors – but try to stay away from very light and strong colors like non-transparent white, because it’s going to look very harsh.


You can choose pretty much anything. Gold, silver, black, brown, white, pink… Any color. 


Unfortunately, very dark frames and glasses will look very harsh on you, but don’t choose too light colors eighter. Light brown colors, maybe champagne, or pastels are good choices! It’s great with somewhat transparent frames. 


If you have mixed features, base your choice on your most dominant color/feature, that’s usually your hair. 

However, the most important thing when choosing a pair of glasses (or any other thing) is to like it. If you LOVE pink, but it’s not your color, CHOOSE PINK ANYWAY. It’s much better being confident and rocking an item not perfectly suited for you, rather than being uncomfortable and unhappy in something that suits you.  

Here’s a list of the most stylish and timeless sunglasses of all times: 

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