A list of unique and meaningful gift ideas, for yourself or someone you love.

We should always try to avoid giving a gift to someone ‘just to give one’. Instead, try to buy something that matters. Something to remember. Something that will affect the recipient in a good way – like a truly enjoyable gift bringing out the inner child, or giving ‘hygge’, or something highly instructive.

This is a list of gift/self-love ideas from Amazon that are meaningful and easy to love.

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FASHIONPEDIA – For fashionistas, no matter if you’re an amateur or a professional designer – this popular book has a ton of interesting information about anything fashion-related, from designing to history. It’s easy to read, and it helps boost creativity. The book also looks great on the coffee table!

The most beautiful notebook/diary on this earth! If you aren’t writing in a diary from time to time, you should start ASAP. It’s wonderful for your mental health – it sorts your thoughts and helps you get to know yourself on a deeper level. It’s also great for when you get older, you’ll be able to look back at your life with much more details than what you can remember.

Also a beautiful, but more traditional diary, with a lock. It’s of great quality and you have different choices of colors. Again, journaling is such a healthy hobby and something the future you will be thankful for 🙂

A stylish and realistic MOON lamp. It comes with a remote, so you’ll be able to change color depending on your mood. It’s a nice touch to any room, but especially bedrooms. And it’s defo a lifesaver if you’re scared of the dark.

Who doesn’t love a good gift basket?! Even if it’s a gift for yourself. This luxurious spa kit is very generous and the items have the most heavenly smell. And it’s of course cruelty-free!

It’s probably hard to guess what this is, but it’s a no-heat overnight curler. This makes your hair curly or wavy without damaging it. There are a few no-heat curlers out there, but this is definitely the softest to fall asleep with. It comes in different sizes depending on your hair length.

This is SUCH a cool gift (or self-treat). It’s a DIY lip balm kit, everything you need to make cute and all-natural nutritious lip balms. An idea is to buy the kit for yourself, and give away the balms instead 😉 They also have DIY kits for lotions, if you’d prefer that.

You’ll love this book. It’s about why some people live longer with less sickness and more happiness than others. It’s easy to read, and you’ll definitely learn a lot. It’s clever to get the hard-cover book, so you can re-read it later and make notes.

A pack of four big, nicely scented candles. The beautiful candle tin + lid can be reused later, by making new candles in them, or used for storage or whatever you’d like. You can choose between different styles, the marble ones are also pretty nice.

If you or your friend don’t own a Kindle yet, it’s time. Right now they’re also discounted. This beautiful paper-white version comes with different choices of color. Kindles are practical, good for the environment, and much cheaper since kindle-versions of books are cheaper.

A home brewing kit is really something special. It would for sure bring out the inner child of any beer lover. The kit contains everything you need, make sure to chose a taste/type of beer you like, they also have cider as an option.

Yes, we love DIYs. It’s a great way to make personal gifts. This is a popular candle-making kit, it contains all the equipment you need, which is fabulous. It also contains different colors and rich scents!

So genius, everyone who travels needs to have one. This is a twistable foam pillow neck made of memory foam. You can use it in any way you want, and even the thinnest neck will have a good flight in this.

A fast, highly rated, and trustworthy ice cream maker. There’s no need to say more!

There’s a chance you’ll never be able to be truly happy unless you read this book. This is really an awakening. If you, or someone you know, haven’t read it – do it! You should buy it in hard-cover, to keep it forever, make notes and re-read later.

This is a very popular gel nail polish kit, everything you need and a little more. It’s not a life-changing gift, but it does feel nice to get salon quality nails at home, especially on bad days. And, it’s much cheaper!

These best-selling cute key chains are actually alarms. Comes in multiple colors, and if you click on the button it makes A LOUD sound to attract attention & discourage an attacker. Perfect for kids, females, the elderly, or any other person wanting some extra protection. The sound is louder than an ambulance, but it’s engineered in a way that doesn’t damage your hearing. The perfect personal safety alarm.