How to cure dry skin on the face: 5 simple steps to get hydrated, soft, and healthy skin overnight!

Learn what causes dry skin, why your products don’t seem to fix this issue, and how to cure your dry skin problems instantly! The best way to treat dry skin is of course science-proven (no false promises on this website) and it consists of just 5 simple steps you can do at home. Your skin will finally be hydrated on a deep level, and look fantastic!
How to cure dry skin on face, Best way to treat dry skin on face

Let’s treat your xeroderma, also called dry and dehydrated skin, once and for all. You’ve probably suffered from dry skin for years and tried to fix your dry face by trying out tons of different moisturizers, treatments, oils, and natural home remedies without any noticeable difference. Well, that changes today as you will learn how to cure the dry skin on your face.

Some of the moisturizers/oils might have kind of worked by giving you a temporary feeling of hydration by giving the outer layer of your skin some kind of soft feeling. However, it’s just a feeling! It didn’t actually fix your dry skin, because if it did – your skin would feel hydrated, glowy, and plumped even when you don’t have any products on, like when you just stepped out of the shower.

That ends today. 

Good news: It’s surprisingly easy to get rid of dry skin problems! All you need to do is the 5 quick steps below, we’ll also show you a few additional ways to treat dry skin.

how to cure dry skin on the face, best moisturizer for dry skin

Disadvantages of having dry skin:

Having dry skin isn’t funny – your skin looks dull, your skin age faster, you have more visible fine lines and wrinkles, you get sunburned more easily, you might be flaky from time to time, and your skin feels tight and irritated, and make-up doesn’t sit well. 

But, if it helps – it’s better to struggle with dry skin than oily skin or acne. Dry skin is, as mentioned, much easier to fix. 

If you follow the 5 science-proven steps below, you WILL have hydrated skin instantly. 

Benefits of hydrated skin: 

  • Less fine lines and wrinkles
  • Healthy-looking skin that glows, zero dullness.
  • More plumped and youthful-looking skin
  • No irritation
  • Make-up looks better
  • ++

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dry skin before after, how to moisturise dry skin fast

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How to cure the dry skin on your face:

Step 1


First of all, a good daily deep cleanse is SO important. But still, most people cleanse their skin totally wrong. Especially people with dry skin, because they often think of cleansing as drying, and as something more important for oily skin types and acne. 

That’s completely wrong. A good cleansing process is just as important for dry skin. Let me tell you why: 

A good cleanse removes dead skin cells, dirt, and other funky stuff that’s in the way for your skin to absorb the products you apply. Applying serums and creams on poorly cleansed and exfoliated skin is like throwing the product out of the window.

A poor cleansing routine is often the cause of dry skin problems. 

How to pre-cleanse with oil:

Massage your face gently for a couple of minutes with 100% pure squalane oil. Oils are great for dissolving dirt, and it’s gentle and soothing for dry and irritated skin. 

Why is squalane oil better than regular oil? 

Bad news: Most regular oils (like olive, hemp seed, rosehip, etc.) are unsaturated, which makes them highly unstable so they’ll oxidize on your skin. This is very damaging on a cellular level. Please don’t put regular oils on your skin. Not alone, and not as an ingredient in a product.  

The only exception from the regular oils is coconut oil, which can be used by people that don’t get clogged easily. Coconut oil is about 70% saturated, so it’s not perfect but much better than the rest.

Squalane oil, on the other hand, is 100% saturated and stable, completely safe to use. Squalane oils have a bunch of extra benefits like it’s not clogging you at all, it absorbs easily, protect your skin, and is very hydrating. Owning a good squalane oil is a life hack for people with dry skin because it can be used in so many ways: for cleansing, as a moisturizer, or it can be added to a foundation or another product. It makes you look glowy, not shiny. 

The best face oil for dry skin:

I have only found three affordable squalane oils that I love that are 100% pure, free from unsaturated oils, perfume, and other unnecessary add-ons. This one from Indie Lee is popular, it’s the most luxurious one. This one from The Ordinary (100% plant-derived squalane) is definitely the cheapest we have found, yet it’s 100% pure and clean and made from plant extracts. And at last, this squalane oil from Amara beauty is the most economical choice, because it’s twice as much product as the others. It’s of course 100% pure as well and a very popular choice.

If you want to use coconut oil, make sure it’s new, clean, and raw, like this bestseller from Nutiva.

We’ve written an entire article about squalane oils vs regular oils, and how to cleanse the skin properly – if you’re interested in learning more : )

how to cure dry skin on face, how to get a hydrated skin fast,

The science-proven way to cure the dry skin on your face

Step 2


Even though squalane oil can be left on the skin, we want to get rid of the oil used in the pre-cleanse together with the dirt. 

Use a simple, good, clean, and mild cleanser without perfume, color, and other irritating ingredients. It should contain ‘lactic acid’, which is a type of AHA that is great for dry skin. STAY AWAY FROM MAKE-UP WIPES!

The best face wash for dry skin:

This cleanser from The Ordinary will do just good for your skin. It’s clean, vegan, affordable, and cruelty-free. It does the job without stripping your skin. It also contains some squalane oil, in addition to AHAs, and other moisturizing factors. This is a very good choice for dry and sensitive skin.

My favorite is this hydrating cleanser from Murad which contains both AHAs, and the BHA ‘salicylic acid’ which is great if you also struggle with blemishes, whiteheads/blackheads, or an oily t-zone in addition to having dry skin.

Another favorite is This “cloud” cleanser from Peter Thomas Roth. It’s gentle and contains hyaluronic acid which is very moisturizing. This product is also great at removing make-up! Perfect for fixing dry skin problems.

Here’s a good study done on lactic acid. Here’s a good study done on salicylic acid. And here’s a good study done on hyaluronic acid.

Want to find out if a product’s ingredients are good or bad? Check out Cosmily.

Step 3


(Only do this step 1-3 times a week)

By doing the cleansing steps above, you’ll get a good, daily deep cleanse. However, 1-3 times a week you need an even stronger cleanser, an exfoliator!

There are different ways to exfoliate, most common are scrubs, “masks”, and leave-in exfoliating serums.

Best exfoliator for dry skin

If you struggle with only dry skin, use a good exfoliator containing the AHA ‘Lactic acid’. This lactic acid beauty from Sunday Riley is called ‘Good genes’ it’s a magical product, the only downside is that it’s a little expensive – but totally worth it if you can afford it! If not, Here is a very good and cheap choice of lactic acid from The Ordinary, it’s also clean, vegan, and cruelty-free, it comes in two strengths, 5%, and 10%, to be economical you should choose 10% and “water it out” in the palm of your hand with squalane oil until you get used to it. They are both leave-in serum exfoliators, so they’re not time-consuming.

If you also struggle with acne/blemishes, congestion, or an oily t-zone, you should also use the BHA ‘salicylic acid’, which is great at targeting those issues. I use this salicylic acid 2% mask from the ordinary, which is very affordable but also clean and super effective! You can either use lactic acid and salicylic acid on different days or purchase an exfoliator containing both salicylic acid and lactic acid, like this popular leave-in cream exfoliator from SkinMedica!

Try to avoid the AHA ‘glycolic acid’, it tends to be very irritating and do more harm than good. 

Here’s a good study done on lactic acid. Here’s a good study done on salicylic acid.

Step 4


Serums are very important because they’re able to penetrate deep into the skin, compared to creams that just sit on the surface. In this article, we just talk about the hydrating and moisturizing serums, but if you are interested in learning more about other types of active serums, like anti-aging serums, or serums targeting redness, blackheads, pores, or dull skin ++, you can do so here -> Get to know the most effective scientifically proven serums for different skin problems.

What serums are best for dry skin?

If you live in a humid climate, look for clean serums containing ‘hyaluronic acid’. Hyaluronic acid hydrates your skin by attracting the moisture it can find (in this case – from the humid air surrounding you) kind of like a magnet, and in that way give the moisture molecules to your skin. However, if you live in a dry climate, there’s no moisture in the air, so instead, the hyaluronic acid takes the little existing moisture you have in your skin, and you end opp drier than ever. The same goes for other dry places like inside a plane. A brand called Cos De BAHA has a cheap and GREAT hyaluronic acid serum which you can find here is the purest product ever, containing just three ingredients! And it comes in a bigger bottle than most serums.

So, if you live in a dry climate you should use the ingredient ‘amino acids’ instead. You’ll love this clean amino acid serum from Paula’s Choice, it’s highly appreciated all over the world. It’s water-based, so it’s very lightweight, non-greasy, and absorbs easily. Perfect for winter wonderlands.

Here’s a good study done on these acids.

hydrate dry skin instantly, dry skin beauty hacks

The science-proven way to cure the dry skin on your face

Step 5


Moisturizers won’t fix and repair your dry skin like serums. However, they are still very important since they protect the outer layer of the skin against damage. A good moisturizer also protects your skin against further dryness caused by things like climate and pollution.

Choose a moisturizer that is clinical and clean, and always avoid ingredients like perfume, color, and similar. 

Best face moisturizer for dry skin

This bestselling moisturizing bomb from belief Is very hydrating and calming but not greasy, so it’s great for both day and night, winter and summer. It’s definitely the kind of moisturizer you’ll never change.

Another option is The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA is a good choice if you’re on a strict budget or if your skin is just slightly dry.

Add in a few drops of squalane oil to the moisturizers, or directly on the skin after the moisturizer. Squalane is an absolute must-have in treating dry skin. It absorbs easily, and you get the most gorgeous dewy & hydrated skin. You won’t regret it!!

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Do these steps every night (except the exfoliating step – only do this 1-2 times a week).

In the morning, do a quick squalane cleanse, and finish with a serum and a moisturizer. (step 1, 4 & 5). 

More ways to treat and cure dehydrated skin:

  • Drinks lots of water 
  • Have a healthy diet low in sugar 
  • Avoid taking hot showers 
  • Pat dry your face, don’t rub with a cloth
  • Avoid drinking too much coffee/caffeine  
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid drinking alcohol daily 
  • Use a humidifier. A good piece of advice is this one from Victsing, it’s very popular because it’s stylish compared to most humidifiers, it’s also more affordable, BPA-free and you can add essential oils. It has warm lights for a calming effect and better sleep.
  • Get your beauty sleep, at least 8 hours
  • Use a silk pillow (won’t ‘steal’ the products on your face)
  • Use a hydrating overnight mask from time to time, I love the watermelon overnight mask from glow recipe here, I’ve also used the natural origins intensive drink-up overnight mask for years, it’s a more economical choice, and it’s a better fit if you have very sensitive skin!
  • If you have dry and dehydrated skin on your body: after a shower/bath, apply baby oil to your wet body, and THEN dry your body with a towel. This makes your body super smooth without being sticky and oily. 
Enjoy your new skin! 

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