Learn how to make your own, customized, dewy BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer at home, with ingredients you already have. Good for you, good for the environment!

Did you know it’s super easy to make your own bb cream or tinted moisturizer at home? You probably already got all the ingredients you need to make this miracle beauty cream that’s ALSO customized for your unique skin type. Best beauty DIY ever!

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Making your own BB cream or tinted moisturizer is the beauty hack that everyone should use. Especially during summer, when you want your make-up to be lightweight and quickly applied. BB creams are healthy and good for your skin, customizable, and they look much better than foundations if made correctly!

BB cream vs CC cream vs Tinted Moisturizer:

What is a BB cream?

What is a BB cream? A bb cream is a multi-function cream designed to be a moisturizer, foundation, and sunscreen at once. Perfect for a minimalistic make-up routine! Bb cream’ stands for ‘blemish balm’ and sometimes ‘beauty balm’. It’s especially popular in South Korea and other parts of Asia, used by both men and women.

What is a CC cream?

A similar product is the cc cream (‘color correcting’ cream). CC cream is basically a bb cream, but with a bigger focus on skin tone, a cc cream is a good choice if you struggle with, for instance, red skin or red areas, we will teach you how to make that as well.

Historywise, bb creams were first introduced by the german woman Dr. Schrammek in the ’60s, as a product made for patients who’s undergone surgical facial peels and treatments, needing coverage, nutrition, and protection. I’ve tried Dr. Scrammeks bb cream, and I’ve honestly never felt such a soothing product on my skin. It’s a great product, especially if you have difficult skin struggling with sensitivity, redness, allergies, etc. You could literally go to bed with this product!

There’s also a less-known third sister called a DD cream (when will it end? -hopefully never). A DD cream is described as a hybrid between BB cream and CC cream. The ‘DD’ stands for daily defense.

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What is a tinted moisturizer?

What is a tinted moisturizer? A tinted moisturizer is exactly what it sounds like – a daily moisturizer with a tint of color. Ideally containing SPF as well. This is the least coverage, if you want fuller coverage bb creams are a better option.

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Benefits of using bb cream, cc cream or tinted moisturizers

  • It’s less time-consuming in the morning since it’s three or more products in one.
  • The result is usually more natural-looking, and we love a natural vibe!
  • It’s an economic choice.
  • It’s much healthier for your pores and skin, compared to a full coverage foundation.
  • When making it yourself, it’s fully customizable. You choose the level of coverage, what benefits you want (like matte or sheer, cream or gel, how much glow) And other benefits like if you want it to be anti-aging, extra moisturizing, targeting acne, red skin, etc…
  • This is also a great product for people who don’t usually wear make-up. How about making an extra batch for a friend? A very simple person (like most men) also needs SPF and moisture, and if the person also struggles with visible skin problems – why not add in some color as well? No one’s gonna know 🙂 More about BB.

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How to make a natural-looking bb cream, cc cream, or tinted moisturizer at home

So, just to make it clear – a tinted moisturizer with SPF is basically a bb cream but with less coverage (less foundation added). The same goes for cc cream. So, just adjust the ‘recipe’ to your needs.

what you need to make a bb cream at home, best beauty diy hack ever

What you need to make a dewy cream at home:

  1. A moisturizer you love. Gel or cream formula, it’s totally up to you. Pick a healthy moisturizer with good ingredients only, avoid products with perfume and other bad and unnecessary add-ons. I used The Ordinary’s ‘natural moisturizer’ which I love – it’s cheap, the formula is great, and it only contains good stuff.
  2. An SPF you love. Ideally use SPF 50, because it’s going to be diluted, and you want as much protection as possible. If you need a new one, the popular sunscreen from Elta MD is great for your skin. Check it out here at amazon. You can also apply sunscreen separately if you’d prefer that 🙂
  3. Your favorite foundation. Ideally a liquid foundation, but you can also use powdered foundation if you crush it. If you want extra coverage, you can also add in some concealer. I used my go-to foundation Giorgio Armani luminous silk, I’ve used it for years and no other foundation can compare to this one, it’s my favorite make-up product. Super dewy! A big plus for many shades!
  4. Some kind of container. I used these jars.
  5. Optional: Distilled water if you want a thinner texture.
  6. Optional: Depending on your skin type, be creative and add other stuff to your very own miracle cream. Maybe a few drops of your favorite serum for more skin benefits? If you struggle with red skin tone, add some green for color correction, like this green calmer from clinique. If you’d like a matte finish, add some matte primer or some of your setting powder for a blurring matte effect. I have average to dry skin, and I seek glow and moisture, so I add in some highlighter for a sheer look, and squalane oil like this one from Amara (super absorbing non-clogging oil) for extra moisture and glow.
Mix everything together, the amount of each product it’s totally up to you, it all depends on how much coverage you want.
how to make bb cream at home, ingredients you need to make a bb cream at home

This is also a great way to get rid of leftover products! Since the luminous silk foundation I mentioned above is light to medium coverage, I added a small amount of the mac longwear as well, to get slightly more coverage.


This is the result! I LOVE it, it’s so dewy and flawless, it looks healthy and natural but with coverage, and it makes the skin tone slightly warmer (more healthy-looking) which is great. The part above the bracelet is covered in bb cream, while the lower part is au naturale.

NOTE! It’s not necessary to ‘set’ the bb-cream with powder unless you struggle with oily skin.

Most powders makes you look dull, flaky, and with more visible lines, wrinkles and pores

If you have “normal” to dry skin and have some fine lines, you’ve probably noticed that most (all?) powders make you look older and dull. I got a solution to that: THROW AWAY your powder and buy MAC PREP + PRIME / FIX+ instead. After applying your bb cream (or foundation), spray the mac product all over your face, and let it dry. This will make your foundation sit in place without looking dull and make your lines more visible. It also gives you a great glowy and dewy look. Must-have product!! Thank me later, if you haven’t already heard about it!

Good luck making your own bb cream!

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