Beautiful summer dresses for summer 2021!

Every week we go through Amazon and other well-known sites, trying to find the most beautiful, fashionable, and special items. Like a treasure hunt!

Summer dresses (and other dresses) are definitely the most fun clothing item to look for, simply because they’re so exceptionally beautiful and I can’t seem to get enough. If I start an ADH-group (anonymous dressoholics) would you join?

This is our finds of beautiful summer dresses for 2021

Unique dresses suitable for summer, weddings, parties, backpacking through Europe, school, work – WHAT NOT, dresses are a good fit for literally everything. A good reason to have a closet full of them!

The items on this list guarantees compliments and the ‘where did you buy it?’-question.

Hopefully, you’ll love them all as much as I do. A person can never get enough beautiful dresses!!

Psst, do you have a boring and plain dress needing an upgrade? Check out how to dye fabrics at home – i’s super easy and environmental-friendly 🙂

*Most of the dresses have even more color and pattern options.
*All dresses are budget friendly.
*The list/items are updated weekly.
*We always redirect you to well-known and safe websites.
*All items are highly rated.
*As an amazon affiliate Filippa Approves may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. This doesn’t cost you anything.
We never collaborate with beauty/fashion brands, and we do not accept sponsorships. All recommendations are always 100% genuine. Anything we may earn, goes back into purchasing and testing new products. Thank you for helping us staying ethical and real!

(These four sweet dresses only come in plus sizes, 0X – 4X)

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