As a beauty enthusiast, you’ve most likely owned at least fifteen different types of mascaras. Probably more. 

There’s a big chance that your blackhead-problem still exists, even though you have bought several products claiming to fix those small fuckers. 

Your dry skin, or maybe oily skin, is still an issue, that despite all the money you’ve spent on expensive serums and creams. 

That’s not fair. Not for your wallet, not for your skin, and not for the environment.

This issue is why we made Filippa Approves.

Did you know that most of us are only really happy (like, will-never-change-it-happy) with only one or two products of all the beauty-related stuff that we own?

This is shocking if we think about the insane number of products in the cosmetic market, in which every single item promises to do great stuff for our appearance. If their promises were always true, we should definitely love more than 0-2 products. 

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Another thing worth remembering is that a popular product isn’t necessarily good. It can be, of course, but it can also mean that the brand has a lot of money and resources for advertising = many people will buy it = product gets categorized as popular. 

If you look up ‘popular products’ once a month for a year, you will see that it’s always changing. Products appear and disappear. 

This indicates that the product didn’t live up for people’s expectations. On the other hand, if a product does stick to the list, it’s most likely a good one. 

We all need to be more critical.

Speaking of marketing, we as consumers need to be much more critical when it comes to being influenced. When you’re watching a “skincare routine” with some celebrity on YouTube – doesn’t it seem a little bit suspicious when, for instance, all the skincare is new and shiny, all from the same brand who accidentally just released a new skincare line? 

And maybe the same celebrity a few days later wants you to buy similar products, but from a totally different brand? 

And so, it goes on. Of course, there are honest influencers as well, who collaborate and recommend great products. But most of them aren’t helping you out, they just want to make money.

You’re much better off listening to your friend, neighbor, or sister.  

We want to be that. Your genuine friend. 

Because we’re all in the same boat.

Filippa Approves is a small independent beauty magazine. Our main task is to research stuff on a deep level, and then, if it convinces us (let me tell you – not many does) we will tell you all about it. 

When we evaluate a product, we focus on the overall picture like price, smell, and appearance. But our main focus is on the ingredients. 

What are they? Are there any published scientific studies (done by other than the brand itself) proving that the ingredients do in fact work? And then, if the product is still in the game – we try it for quite some time before we evaluate if it has the IT-factor and gets approved and published.

We also focus on the fact that everyone is different, you have different hair than your co-worker, and so you need different products. One concealer might look SO good on an 18-year old, but awful on someone just a little older with fine lines. We want to enlighten differences like this and give the tools to choose the routine or product that each individual needs. 

Like this article about the perfect skin care routine for different skin types.

Our goal is to find the products, beauty hacks, how-to guides, and similar, that actually works. 

However, this is not easy, and it takes some time. Apologies if we haven’t found the product in the category you’re interested in yet!

It’s not possible to test every product on the market. But we are constantly trying out promising stuff. If you know about a very special product or beauty hack, please tell us about it in the box at the bottom of the page. We are especially interested in smaller brands. 


People are trying to sell you stuff all the time, in the most cunning ways. We want to be a safe space, a place you can trust, and where you can read genuine recommendations without any ulterior motives. The best way to show you our sincerity is by not having any sponsors, ads, and that kind of collaborations. Hopefully, this makes you feel a little safer about whatever you read.

So, why do we do this when there’s no big money in it? 

Like you, we are tired of buying products that don’t work the way it should. As consumers and beauty enthusiasts, we spend a lot of time researching anyways (probably like you) so why not do it more thoroughly, and “take one for the team” by sharing the results, as a part-time “job”.  

However, testing and trying is expensive, so to be able to test out as many things as possible, we recently started using affiliate links. That means that if you buy a product through our links, we may earn a small commission. This doesn’t cost you ANY extra, in fact, we always try to link to cheaper places, and we always send you to safe webpages that you are familiar with. By using our link, you help make Filippa Approves the best it can be  We appreciate that!! 

As you already know, we are a small group of fashion and beauty junkies. We have diverse knowledge, geographic location, and education, which is great for filling different subjects. You can read more about us here. We always base our research and articles on published science and trustworthy sources, not myths and nonsense. 

Filippa Approves is written by the consumers, for the consumers. 

If you have any kind of feedback, we cherish that. 

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