The big list of aesthetic and cool sweaters and jackets: every week we go through the jungle of clothes out there, trying to find the coolest and most special pieces.

When it comes to sweaters, we (and hopefully you) have a weak spot for items that are simple but extraordinary in some way!

Like an effortless and comfortable cardigan with unique details. Or a clean college sweater, but with aesthetic prints that are either Tumblr-cute or edgy.

The best thing about these types of items is that it’s never going out of style, and it suits everybody! <3

Regarding jackets, our picks are stylish but simple, because a jacket should match with almost any outfit. If you live in a cold place, you know they take up A HELLA lot of space, so it’s usually not an option to own a lot of jackets…

Also, make sure to check out these aesthetic tee’s!

Our Amazon finds of aesthetic jackets and sweaters:

*Most of the items have even more color and pattern options.
*Most items are budget friendly.
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Remember: There’s more color/print options!

These cute & warm teddy jackets come in 34 different colors!

Don’t forget to check out these SUPER CUTE SKIRTS from Amazon : ) Always up to date!

//Aesthetic Sweaters and Jackets – Affordable Finds on Amazon 2022. The list is updated weekly!