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5 Science-proven steps to treat dry and dehydrated skin

Learn ways to treat and fix your dry skin problems forever!

What Is Squalane Oil, and why should you use it in your skincare

Did you know topical use of most regular oils actually ruins your skin on a deep level? Learn why, and why you should use the super affordable squalane-oil instead.

Popular: The perfect skin care routine for your skin type

Learn the skin care steps and product ingredients that are actually working. Science-based.

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How to make your own customized bb cream at home

Fun beauty DIY – make your own DEWY and FLAWLESS bb cream at home, it’s super easy!

how to color bleach and tone hair at home

How to bleach, tone and color your hair like a professional

All the info you need (+ some secrets) to avoid common mistakes and get a beautiful hair at home on a budget!


Everything you need to know about cleansing

Did you know most people cleanse wrong, even though it’s the most important skin care step? Either your problem is dry skin, blackheads or something else – your cleansing routine might be the cause.

the ordinary big guide

The 10 best products from The Ordinary

The Ordinary easily explained, and their best and most effective products according to science. Learn what products is a good fit for your skin!

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Meaningful gift ideas

Unique gift ideas for all kinds of people. And yes, you are allowed to give yourself a gift!

Bikinis & beachwear

Big list of super cute and unique bikinis from Amazon. For all body types.

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How to do a successful lash lift and brow lamination at home (with color)

Easy peasy – learn how to get a professional result and what kits/products are the best. Look stunning without makeup, and save a ton of money!

The sunglass guide

28 Timeless sunglasses, and how to find the right pair for your features

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How to dye your clothes

Make your old textiles new with fabric dye. Avoid common mistakes.

Prepare for summer with these cute skirts

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How to make cheap jewelry last longer

and 69 unique jewelry finds

21 Cool bucket hats & regular hats

Filippa Approves #StylishOnABudget

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